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Hosted Full Blockchain Nodes
with API for great developer

Start build your own blockchain application

Simple and easy web APIs (REST) enable developers to build blockchain applications quickly and confidently.
We dont store private keys, and use end-to-end encryption.
Easy to use
Only 3 lines of code will help you to connect with our serice.
We host five full-node blockchains for optimal security in validating and relaying transactions.
Our mission is to give all companies an easy access to cryptocurrencies
How it works
Develop your products, dont stuck in infrastructure.
We give you united API key for all blockchain nodes.
You'll get access to create wallets, transfer funds, monitor your users and much more. You dont have to monitor blockchain nodes and have an opportunity to use an array of cryptocurrencies in one place.

We will probably love each other if you
Want to accept payments with crypto
We provide functionality to monitor funds transaction and create easy payment method to
Are tired of other expensive cryptoservices
We provide more functionality for less money
Want to start work with cryptocurrencies
Even if you only monitor your users, have more than 10 addresses or try to test new project – you will need our service
Full Blockchain Nodes
Five most popular cryptocurrencies with full functionality.
Easy to integrate
// create a new Bitcoin address
> $address_so->get_new_address();
  "status": "success",
  "data": {
    "network": "BTC",
    "user_id": 1,
    "address": "3EL5SKSjEzFBDBmX15JFbsZu48vKnNSdDH",
    "label": "random"
And much cheaper than do it yourself
Newbie plan
  • All cryptocurrencies availible
  • Zero transaction cost


    Full API Documentation

    100 Addresses per Network
  • Notifications: WebHooks
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Are my funds safe here?
Yes, but if you want to make it even safer use 2FA.
What will happen if my subscribition expires?
You can withdraw your money, but you cant use our service anymore.
What restrictions do i have on free plan?
You can do whatever you want. The only things that limited is amount of addresses requests/sec.
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for only $30/month
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